Macro Snowflakes(Personal Post)

With all of this snow lately, I’ve been getting a bit confused on where I actually live. I woke up this morning to snow (AGAIN) here in Texas, and thought, “Is this real life?!” And then realized that it’s not COMPLETELY abnormal to get snow in February, haha. It’s just that we’ve had snow so often this winter!

Kristina, my awesome assistant photographer, posted a macro shot of a snow flake today and I just thought “YESSSSS. THIS IS WHAT I WANT TO DO.” So, I jumped on board. I’m not a macro shooter, and macro isn’t my “thing,” but it’s nice to venture outside of my normal realm of portraits and weddings to get some fun, just-messing-around shots for myself.

And here is an actual pull back of what and where I was shooting. It’s all on a fleece face/head cover thing. I never would have thought fleece looked so complicated up close, haha!

Who needs a high five? You dooo!

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