Dallas Arboretum Bridal Session (Megan’s Tulip-filled Bridal Session)

Megan’s officially hitched and I can’t wait to share these awe-inspiring images with you guys!! The Dallas Arboretum has always been a go-to for bridal sessions, and when you mix in MEGAN + THIS DRESS + TULIPS TULIPS and MORE TULIPS?? Let me tell you, the gallery from this session is simply ✨mesmerizing!✨

As a Texoma-based wedding photographer who loves to capture love stories all over the DFW area, I’ve had the privilege of photographing some breathtaking Arboretum weddings here and many the Arboretum bridal sessions — let me tell you that this botanical garden NEVER disappoints, no matter the time of year!

I had an absolute blast during this whole experience with Megan and her sweet family. It has truly been an awesome, unforgettable experience! Being along for the ride of such a monumental chapter in not just a bride’s life, but her family’s as well, is what makes my heart sing in this amazing journey as a photographer. <3

Dallas Arboretum Bridal Session Miranda Marrs Photography

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