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Sam + Micah (Awesome Wedding with a Bounce House)

Samantha and Micah are those people who you know you are ALWAYS going to have a good time when you are around them! And that’s exactly what their wedding embodied, just tons of fun, partying, a true CELEBRATION with a big huge lot of framily (that’s friends and family, but mixed together!) There are three...

Yeh-Wern + John (Houston Wedding at Lindsay Lakes)

I have a serious love for this family. Yes, FAMILY. You see, I’ve seen a lot of these folks before, when I shot John’s brother’s wedding a few years back (hi Josie! hi Robert!) So let me tell you a little bit about my time with these folks! So first off, John and Yeh-Wern asked...

Who needs a high five? You dooo!

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