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Marshall and Maddox in Sunflowers
(Personal Shoot of my Little Boys)

People tell me all the time, “I bet your kids get LOTS of pictures!” thinking that my children have a ridiculous amount of photos up on the walls, themed photoshoots every small milestone, etc. And while they probably do have more pictures than the average bear, I have a horrrible habit of missing milestone shoots,...

Rare Lazy Saturday(Personal Post)

Not usual for me, but I’m hoping to do this more often… It’s personal blog time! A little peek at what my Sundays (and rare Saturdays) sometimes are composed of. This particular day, I had my nieces over, and we just spent part of the morning hanging out. The girls got a makeover with Marshall’s...

Personal PostHappy Father’s Day!

Sometimes I post personal things on the Facebook page, and I know that almost always it has to do with either Zach or my son, Marshall. However, these two are my absolute world. You may be familiar with a couple of other video montages I’ve made of Marshall before, but I wanted to make something...

Who needs a high five? You dooo!

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