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Meagan’s Bridals
(Natural Bridal Session in Texas Wildflowers)

It’s springtime in Texas, which means the season for one of my favorite things about our beautiful state: the wildflowers! Meagan is much like a wildflower… she’s beautiful, and her beauty is natural and completely effortless. Part of that probably goes hand in hand with her beautiful personality, but still, you can’t help but notice...

Brianna’s Bridals
(Texas Southern Belle Bridal Portraits)

Oh my woooord. Y’ALL. This location. Seriously. So amazing! So, so great. It’s a private residence with the most amazing amount of southern charm, which was PERFECT for Brianna’s bridals since she just totally emulated everything I like to think a southern belle truly is! Her bolero was absolutely amazing (and totally gave her dress...

Who needs a high five? You dooo!

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