Amber + Connor
(Vintage Glam Wedding at the Winstar Casino)

Ever see someone put together something so spectacularly that you kind of just want to do a redo of your own wedding? Just me? Haha! Well, Amber and Connor’s amazing vintage glam wedding was to DIE for. They pulled out ALL the stops to make it one of the most memorable experiences not just for…

Tayler + Monty
(Flower-filled Outdoor Wedding at The Grove in Aubrey)

You know what’s crazy? When Tayler and Monty contacted me, they let me know that we are actually RELATED by marriage! I mean, it’s not very direct and a little confusing, BUT STILL! I’m related to my bride and her family! Isn’t that crazy?! Okay, sorry, onto business, haha! Tayler and Monty were wed at…

Hello Friends

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