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Here are the latest wedding posts on the blog…

Amy + Jonathon
(Good Shepard Catholic Wedding & Delaney Vineyard Reception)

These two are right up my alley: they’re fun, caring, and most importantly, know that laughter is the key to joy!View full post »

Rose Chapel Wedding
(Fort Worth Chapel Wedding with a Vintage Flair)

I loveeeeeeeeeee this couple. Like I’m seriously, totally in love with these people. You might remember them fromView full post »

Alicia + Austin
(Old Red Courthouse Wedding in Downtown Dallas)

I’m so happy to (finally!) show you guys Alicia and Austin’s big wedding day at Old Red Courthouse andView full post »

Elyse + Chris
(New Year’s Courthouse Wedding in Downtown Denton)

I’m pretty sure Elyse and I are somehow related and we just don’t know it. Or maybe kindred spirits. HerView full post »

Heather + Joshua
(Winter Wedding at the Stone Crest Venue in McKinney)

Oh man, guys… I have a feeling y’all are going to fall in love with this wedding as much as I did. FirstView full post »

Savanna + Austin
(Rustic Barn Wedding at 410 Gin)

There’s nothing I love more than a couple who loves to cut loose and have a good time at their wedding! ThisView full post »

Christie + Ryan
(Fort Worth Wedding at Artspace 111)

I met Christie as a client, but I feel like I’ve known her for a while on a more personal level. She’s aView full post »

Bianca + Mike
(SMU Perkins Chapel Wedding)

I’m so excited to show y’all this beautiful wedding at Southern Methodist University! Bianca and Mike metView full post »

Kaelyne + Derek
(Sunday Brunch Wedding at Hidden Pines Chapel)

Kaelyne and Derek’s wedding was one of the most emotional weddings I’ve attended in so many ways. There wasView full post »

Stephanie + Jonathan
(Wedding at St. Peter’s Catholic Church)

I have a special place in my heart for my local brides, especially those who are in the Lindsay and Muenster area. TheyView full post »

Lexi + Hunter
(Wedding at Piazza on the Green from the Couple Who Went Viral!)

Holy crap, guys. Holy. Crap. I’ve never went viral before. I mean, I’m friends with a person on FacebookView full post »

Bailey + Ivan
(Beautiful wedding at The Milestone Mansion in Aubrey)

So I shot Bailey and Pudge’s (AKA Ivan, if you feel like calling him by his proper name) wedding on my birthday.View full post »

Lia + Eric
(Wedding in Muenster, TX)

I usually write about the couple themselves, but I’m trying to limit my very verbose blog introductions, soView full post »

Hillary + JJ
(Cox Chapel Wedding and Reception at Dallas Arboretum’s Rosine Hall)

What a beautiful wedding! Both the ceremony at Cox Chapel and the reception at the Dallas Arboretum! When Sarah up atView full post »

Crystal + Lee
(Sacred Heart Catholic Church Wedding)

Crystal is one of the sweetest, sweetest brides I’ve had the joy of photographing. I could go on and on about theView full post »

Ashley + Dustin
(Pink, Gold, and Lace Wedding in Lindsay)

First off, oh my gosh, guys. If you don’t look at any other pictures in this post, you need to seriously take aView full post »

Lauren + Ross
(Wedding at The Castle at Rockwall)

So let me tell you why I think that Lauren and I are soulmates. In one of our first conversations via text, Lauren andView full post »

Krystal + Stephen
(Wedding at Heritage Park in Muenster)

You guys, this couple brings “hand made wedding” to a whole other level! They literally BUILT theirView full post »